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DKMS began with one family’s search for a bone marrow donor. In 1990, Peter Harf was dedicated to find a donor match for his wife, Mechtild Harf. He registered 68,000 potential donors in Germany in a single year. Sadly, Mechtild lost her battle with leukemia, but in her honor, Peter started DKMS, which has since grown to become the world’s largest bone marrow donor center. In 2004, Peter and his daughter, Katharina Harf, established Delete Blood Cancer DKMS in the United States to continue to grow the international bone marrow donor registry and save more lives. Today, DKMS has branches in the U.S., Germany, the U.K., Poland, Spain and India. 

Katharina Harf Global Ambassador DKMS

Katharina Harf Global Ambassador DKMS



Delete Blood Cancer DKMS is part of the world’s largest network of bone marrow donor centers. Every day leading the fight against blood cancer by working with families, communities and organizations to recruit more bone marrow donors and provide more patients with life-saving transplants.

Globally, DKMS has registered more than 6 million potential donors and helped to facilitate more than 55,000 transplants for patients in need.  To learn more about DKMS, please visit  


"After meeting global ambassador Katharina Harf of DKMS I was inspired to create this 18K gold and ruby heart necklace. Hoping it will bring love to you or to someone special to you, a portion of the proceeds from each piece will be donated to Delete Blood Cancer. "